Rockwool Cloning:

A Guide to Propagation

Rockwool Soak (per gallon)

  • 1.25ml Silica
  • 1.25ml Cal Mag (depending on water source)
  • 2 ml Thrive Alive
  • 2ml Rapid Start
  • 3 ml B.C. Boost &  3 ml B.C. Bloom
    Or 2 ml Flora Micro, 2 ml FloraGro & 2 ml Flora Bloom
    Or 30ml Clonex Solution
  • pH to 5.5

If you use reverse osmosis water the solution will generally pH itself and your success rate will be higher.

Soak cubes for 2 hours in the rockwool soak, shake excess water out of them when you place them in the tray.

Take your cuttings with a razor or scalpel, dip them in whatever your favorite cloning hormone is (mine is Clonex}, and stab them into the cube next to the hole. If you are working with a soft stemmed plant, you might want to make a pilot hole with a nail, chopstick or the like.

Lift the tray to know when it needs water; if it’s light, it needs water. If the top is dry, you probably waited too long.

PH to 5,5 every time you water.

You can use a dome if you want, but start weaning them off of it on day 3. I don’t use a dome unless I’m in an extremely dry room (like, 20-30% humidity}, or there are fans blowing in the room.

No Fans.

ROOM TEMP should be between 70-80 degrees, ideally around 78. Colder temps will cause very slow rooting. Higher tem~ will cause a high failure rate and stressed-out looking clones.

After 2 times watering with plain pH 5.5 water, mix up the rockwool soak again and water with that.

It’s possible to get a 100% success rate in 5 days or less with this cloning method, a healthy mother, good room conditions, and the right variety.

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