Rockwool Cloning

A Guide to Propagation

Rockwool Soak (per gallon)

  • 1.25ml Silica
  • 1.25ml Cal Mag (depending on water source)
  • 2 ml Thrive Alive
  • 2ml Rapid Start
  • 3 ml B.C. Boost & 3 ml B.C. Bloom Or 2 ml Flora Micro, 2 ml FloraGro & 2 ml Flora Bloom Or 30ml Clonex Solution pH to 5.5

If you use reverse osmosis water, the solution will generally pH itself, and your success rate will be higher. Soak cubes for 2 hours in the rockwool soak, shake excess water out of them when you place them in the tray.

Take your cuttings with a razor or scalpel, dip them in your preferred cloning hormone (Clonex is a popular choice), and stab them into the cube next to the hole. For soft-stemmed plants, consider making a pilot hole with a nail or chopstick.

Lift the tray to know when it needs water; if it’s light, it needs water. If the top is dry, you’ve waited too long.

PH to 5.5 every time you water. Using a dome is optional, but if used, start weaning plants off of it on day 3. Avoid using a dome unless in extremely dry conditions (20-30% humidity) or if there are fans blowing in the room.
No Fans.
ROOM TEMP should be between 70-80 degrees, ideally around 78. Colder temperatures can cause slow rooting, while higher temperatures may result in a high failure rate and stressed clones.

After watering twice with plain pH 5.5 water, prepare the rockwool soak again and use it for watering.

A success rate of 100% in 5 days or less is possible with this cloning method, given a healthy mother plant, good room conditions, and the right variety.

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